LS McClain

Elite Raw USAPL 93kg Powerlifter

I eat, we eat! Lord...bless this!

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What does De Novo mean to you?

My blessing. My catalyst for progression. Since becoming a part of the family I’ve found myself in pursuit of better giving, living, and learning. When a group of people can fuel your desire to be better on every level… You take note and immediately count yourself as highly favored! Big picture. It’s bigger than me. It’s about “US.”


Competition History

  • 2015 IPF Worlds Bronze medalist
  • 2015 NAPF Bench Press Championships
  • 2015 USAPL Raw Nationals
  • 2014 USAPL Raw Nationals
  • Multiple National championships both overall and Bench press Since 2012
  • Multiple National records overall and Bench since 2012