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Think about the best pre-workout product you have ever taken. What made your experience so unique? Was it the creatine? The beta alanine? Or was it the way it made you feel within a few minutes of taking it? Without “feeling” it would the product have been memorable?

Utopia(n) is formulated specifically to maximize your cognitive experience in a single scoop so you get the intended effects with every serving.

Ingredients: Cognizin Citicoline, Caffeine, Mucuna Pruriens, and Huperzine A

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Full Technical write up and supporting evidence can be found on our blog.

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Full Technical write up and supporting evidence:

The problem with most pre-workout products today is they try to be good at everything, offering numerous ingredients at suboptimal doses in order to make multiple claims and meet their bottom line. This compromise causes the product to fail being great in any single quality while creatively charging you for ineffective dosing of “staple” ingredients like creatine or beta alanine. When a truly unique product does come out, it is often later found to contain an illicit substance, and is subsequently banned by sports governing bodies and removed from the market. Utopia(n) only contains ingredients that are synergistic, safe, effective, and free of banned substances.

Experience Utopia(n)

Utopia(n) has been formulated to address multiple key neurotransmitters involved in alertness and cognition.

Cognizin is the central ingredient in Utopia(n) because:

  • It is the most scientifically supported form of choline available to support cognitive enhancement.
  • It is properly dosed per serving in accordance with peer reviewed research in order to maximally exert its cognitive benefits.
  • It may act synergistically with Mucuna Pruriens and Huperzine A to enhance dopaminergic and cholinergic transmission, respectively.

Caffeine is the secondary ingredient in Utopia(n) because:

  • It may reduce perception of pain and fatigue.
  • It may improve vigilance under stressful conditions.
  • It may act synergistically with Citicoline and Huperzine A to enhance cholinergic transmission.

Mucuna Pruriens standardized for L-DOPA is an essential ingredient in Utopia(n) because:

  • It effectively and reliably impacts an array of cognitive processes not only beneficial to lifting weights but also the mental demands of life in general.
  • It is properly dosed per serving in accordance with peer reviewed research in order to maximally exert its cognitive benefits.
  • It may act synergistically with Citicoline to enhance dopaminergic transmission.

Huperzine A is a key auxiliary ingredient in Utopia(n) because:

  • It is properly dosed per serving in accordance with peer reviewed research in order to maximally exert its effects.
  • It may act synergistically with Citicoline to enhance cholinergic transmission.

What makes it unique?
While these ingredients may not be new to the industry, their application in a complete formula is. Each ingredient has a quantitative and qualitative effect in isolation, but when combined, the effects are magnified to create a truly unique mental experience. This is not an attempt to sell you a silver-bullet pre-workout supplement with underwhelming ingredients that gives you pins and needles to make you believe it is “working,” nor is it an attempt to dump 20 ingredients in minimal doses into a bottle in order to entice you with label claims. Finally, this is not a product intended upon making you feel excessively stimulated, distracted, or anxious. This product is the quiet confidence to take care of business in life and the gym.

As you have come to expect from De Novo, there is nothing in Utopia(n) that does not directly serve a purpose. We have high standards because this is what we expect from products we want to use; safety, efficacy, novelty, and transparency. If it makes it through our ingredient screening process, you can be sure it serves a purpose and has the evidence to back it up.

Weight .3125 lbs

Peach Mango, Pineapple Coconut, Strawberry Kiwi

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This is easily the best Preworkout I have ever used, and thankfully I ordered 4 more bottles before it went out of stock!

    I’ve used many good PWO’s over the years. Unfortunately, a few of the ones that have been the most effective have ended up being banned due to unsafe and illegal ingredients. Others gave a good “high” and a good pump, but then you feel like you’re hungover when it wears off.

    Utopian has caused no such problems for me. Even with half a serving, it makes me feel focused, energized, and ready to crush anything I have to. Whether it’s a difficult workout or just getting through a long day when you don’t seem to have the energy, Utopian is there. With reputable scientific research and high quality ingredients, you get all of the same focus and drive, without the hangover.

    That is why I will continue to buy it.

    My one and only gripe is not with the product, but with the international shipping. USPS is brutally bad for taking way longer than necessary to get the products up to Canadian customs. 11 days later and it’s just “clearing customs” at this point is not good. That’s not Denovo’s fault, but a change in shipping could be beneficial.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I was compelled when DeNovo first announced this product a year ago, I immediately placed my order and was eager for it’s arrival. The packaging was a very streamlined, professional design, almost marketed as a health product rather than a pre-workout supplement. Certainly a departure from the mainstream gimmicky, overblown product marketing that we’re used to. I peeled back the lid and it was as if a billion exotic mangoes exploded in my face! Great smell and very smooth, rich and flavorful. I commend DeNovo for departing from using the ‘standard’ flavors that are typically seen in supplements. Ingredients are minimalist and efficient, without any additional additives, and thus, it mixes very well.

    The effects are a focused and imaginative state of mind. It provides a very clear energy and creative thought process, great for working on projects or designs, or simply brainstorming. I’ve used this both at work as an energy and motivation enhancement and also for a pre-workout. Utopian allows me to push through my programmed training without hesitation or excuse and follow the plan I had set forward. It has replaced all other pre-workouts and energy supplements that I have used throughout the years.

    This product has amazing cost/value. For a dollar per serving it provides long lasting benefits and is easily added to an affordable budget. I’ve been using Utopian for a year now and have been more than impressed.

    A note I would like to add about international orders. Shipping prices to Canada have increased dramatically over the past few months. This is not just from DN, but on any goods being shipped from the US. Delivery times are within 1.5 to 2 weeks, which are typically what I see, and a tracking number is provided. There will be duty fees upon arrival (13%), so keep this in mind when you are ordering. Our dollar is very low right now so the total US cost is about 30% higher in Canadian dollars. If you are living in Canada, I would encourage you to order multiple servings at once, shipping is cheaper and you certainly will not be disappointed with this product, it is well worth it.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I have discovered Utopian following a talk between Tim Ferriss and Dom D’agostino (in Tim Ferriss’ podcast).
    I wanted to give it a try and … well… I am not disappointed ! Utopian can definitely boost your day or turn it around !
    I use it as a focusing tool before work, when I know I’ll have to go through a lot of reading, analysis or writing as well as before a workout. Clarity, energy, focus.
    I use only half a scoop for now, it is enough to boost me for half a day.
    Excellent product ! Thanks ! Looking forward to being able to order this in other countries soon ! 😉

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Simply a great product. A scoop of this in the mornings helps me keep up with the high pace and volume my work requires. I stay focused and alert during our busiest hours. it keeps me precise and accurate on what needs to be accomplished.. and without the jitter and stress of an energy drink or the like. I’ll be a repeat customer for sure.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Great, great product.

    I use it for both pre-work and working out and it is the best I have personally found. Crisp and clear all through the workout or work day – I have even used it days I am going to double down work days (owning a small business can be tricky) but it handled it until the late hours with no feelings of letting up.

    Very impressed, highly recommended.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    All I can say is, FANTASTIC! I use Utopian all the time… not just before working out but while studying, taking exams, and for long car rides. Utopian helps me feel awake and alert yet doesn’t give me any jitters or that “wired” feeling you get from high doses of caffeine. It also helps me stay focused and concentrate… like having blinders on. All three flavors are great but Strawberry Kiwi is my favorite. Don’t be fooled by fancy labels and proprietary blends of most products. DeNovo Nutrition uses sound science and proper dosing for all their products. I’ve been working out for over 15yrs and have tried many different supplements. Nothing gives me the best bang for my buck than DeNovo.

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